Bolpur and beyond

The world has just finished celebrating Friendship Day, and I find myself neither really celebrating it for the sake of celebration, nor against the idea of celebrating it. I have realized that these 'whether to' or 'not to' debates are futile. If there's no harm in feeling happy about a day, just spread happiness. So [...]

College Street

When a street becomes an enigma, it acquires a character, a life that in turn enlightens generations. For everyone dwelling in Kolkata, College Street is the ultimate destination for books. We love our Amazon, our Oxford Book store and our Starmark and have wholeheartedly accepted them but College Street is our greatest bookstore and the [...]

An equine story crafted in clay

"... অমনি হাতিশালে হাতি সাজল, ঘোড়াশালে ঘোড়া সাজল, কোমর বেঁধে পালোয়ান এল, বর্শা হাতে শিকারী এল, ধনুক হাতে ব্যাধ এল, জাল ঘাড়ে জেলে এল। তারপর সারথি রাজার সোনার রথ নিয়ে এল, সিংহদ্বারে সোনার কপাট ঝন্‌ঝনা দিয়ে খুলে গেল।রাজা সোনার রথে শিকারে চললেন। " শকুন্তলা, অবনীন্দ্রনাথ ঠাকুর অধ্যায় ঃ- দুষ্মন্ত ( ...And all the horses and [...]

25se Baisakh

The 25th of the month of Baisakh, which marks the birth anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore, may be just another date on the Bengali calendar but one that forever remains special in West Bengal. Each child born into a Bengali household knows the significance of this date and it is an intrinsic part of our growing [...]

Galudih and Ghatshila

When you return from a journey you bring a bag full of memories that strangely unravel themselves at odd times and places remotely connected to it. The campus of Hastings House, Alipore, where I am presently undergoing a teacher training course, is inhabited by a large number of trees. Some of them are century old [...]


3rd April, 2017 was our last day in Darjeeling and we boarded the train back with memories that are fresh enough till date. One thing I have realized is that a visit to the hills is like a joy ride on a toy train ( though we didn't get the opportunity to ride one in [...]